Rock Star!

This bald woman is rocking it at the grocery store! Really. I had men follow me up and down the aisles to talk to me. I might have to get a wig just so I can get in and out of the grocery store more quickly! But for the first time since I lost my hair, a man asked me if it was genetic or choice. It felt so good! Two of the men wanted to tell me about their family members experiences, and the others were just outright flirting. Sigh. I enjoyed myself immensely.

When I was little, I hated going to the grocery store with my mother. She took forever! I can still see her reaching for bacon in the refrigerated case, and fifteen minutes later she finished her conversation with the other person reaching for the same brand of bacon. My mother was pretty, charming, and vivacious. She used her power to make people feel included. The only perk involved in going to the grocery store with my mother – I sure wasn’t getting a treat – was that I got to see who was going to show up at dinner that night.

My mother ran our home like the Salvation Army. She invited neighbors, friends, and we would sit around our huge dining room table, six kids, my parents, and the people she had snatched up from the street or the store. She wasn’t really a great cook, but she knew a lonely person when she saw one, and I’m sure being included made the food taste better. Then again, I don’t remember a lot of repeat guests…

And now I am my mother, especially with this shiny bald head. When I had blonde hair, I started conversations with people. Rarely was I approached. Oh, maybe I’ve turned the world into my mother! Gasp! But the support and love I have received has made me reach out to others more, and being bald is a great conversation starting. So is having cancer. There is a whole subculture of people, most notably women because in our culture it’s more normal to be bald as a man, who are bald due to chemo. One of my friends even brought me a tube of some stuff that is supposed to help hair grow back. I’ve used it only once, mostly because you have to leave it on your head for three minutes. Holding still is not my strong suit.

Don’t be afraid to be different, my cheeky little monkeys! That’s where the sweet stuff lies. And use your difference to make others feel happy and included. It’s the way to a rich life.


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