CBD…The Experiment Continues

This morning I did cbd oil and included the supplements that my practitioner gave me. Since I’m not sure what is fighting cancer and what is fighting pain, and I need to be productive, I’m taking everything. I will do the cbd alone in a week or two.

I do know this: When I take the cbd oil, I am more energetic, focused, and productive. For me, it’s good for about 8 hours, so I take it on getting out of bed. In the afternoon when I lag, I take a 15 minute nap (I am, indeed, a power napper. It’s a talent!). When I wake up, I take another cbd so I can have a productive evening. Both a schedule and being productive make me feel normal. At the age of 6 I started pushing a lawn mower to make my own money and having stopped working since. The cbd oil helps me do what I want and need to do.

And it doesn’t interact adversely with my wine at the end of the day. I’ve been taking acetaminophen with wine to sleep, and all of the warnings say that it’s better to refrain from alcohol with acetaminophen. Now I don’t have to worry about that. Very important because I schedule my life: Coffee in the morning before anything; cbd oil; chocolate in the afternoon; cbd oil; wine after everything. It’s good to be organized, don’t you think?

4 thoughts on “CBD…The Experiment Continues

  1. Love this post and your winning attitude! Love the wine and chocolate part of your daily intakes. 😉

    Just wondering what “brand” of CBD oil do you take? What’s the strength, i.e., 250mg, 1,000 mg… And, the cost to you.

    Keep your chin up and your spirit full of possibilities!


    1. Right now I’m using oil from USHempWholesale.com, and I plan to rep them. I’m in my first 30 days. They are my choice because they have a good rep, and they import from Europe where this has been used for a longer time. I’m paying about two dollars a day right now for .1 ml. I think I’m doubling what they said to do. Since I lived through the ‘drug revolution’ and smoked marijuana in its purest form, I’m not worried about the side effects – which so far have been more focus and energy. Swoosieque, my life has never been better! The only problem I’m having is some bone pain, so I can’t kayak as frequently as I like. For someone who was diagnosed with bone marrow cancer 4 months ago, I can’t complain! Thank you for your interest!


  2. I too lived during the ‘drug revolution’ – Woodstock, etc.. But I never tried anything, was too afraid of my parents’ repercussions!

    Anyway, thank you for responding to my request. I will go to USHempWholesale’s website.

    You are amazing! Sending you only the best of good vibrations!

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