Med Fiancee 101

Not being a medical professional (Med Fiancees 101 isn’t a medical degree, especially since I dropped out) but having worked in the medical professional as an administrator makes me look for ‘by the book’ research on CBD hemp oil. I worked at a major medical school and then teaching hospital in Ohio where I was raised. A lot of what I am finding has to do with marijuana research which is part of the hemp family. What I use and sell has less than 0.3% THC, so I don’t get high. Here is a link to an article from the National Institute of Health on the effects of hemp on disease and pain.

Full disclosure, having worked in the medical profession, having been (and still am) a patient, my level of faith in our current medical model has led me to look for alternative methods of healing and staying healthy. For decades I didn’t use an aspirin or any other medication because a lot of it has side effects that seem worse than the disease to me. The quality of my life is more important to me than hanging on forever. I watched both of my parents struggle with long term illnesses. It was brutal!

Chemotherapy went against everything I had been doing to stay healthy for the last 30 or so years. In addition to putting chemicals into my body to kill off everything so that the cancer would be eradicated, I was sent home with lists of other chemicals to use to solve (or mask) the problems the chemo might cause. Every day I woke up to a battle to be true to myself or follow the doctor’s orders. I couldn’t make myself take the secondary chemicals. In order to do that, I had to stop chemo.

Everyone thought I was strong to walk away from chemo. I respectfully disagree. I would have had to battle my values every single day to stay in it, and that wasn’t how I was going to live. The daily battle would have been too great, and the quality of my life would have suffered severely. Besides, I looked terrible: My skin was gray, the light went out of my eyes, I couldn’t work out like I normally do. I am impressed by people who have the fortitude to stick it out.

I experiment with the CBD oil daily. I go without it for a day or two to see if it’s really helping the pain. It does. With CBD hemp oil, I can maintain my daily schedule. Without it, I am relegated to bed to read trashy novels. I won’t know about the effect the CBD has on the cancer until January 2019 when I go for my semi-annual MRI, but I’m not really taking it for that. I’m taking it because I want to have a life worth living. It’s important to me that I am true to my word. If I tell you that it’s working for me, I need to be telling the truth.

So far, so good.

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