Thanks Giving

All I have to do for dinner is prepare asparagus. My friends know me and know my cooking prowess. Rinsing and baking a vegetable is perfect for my skill level. I am grateful further because I can write this article. There is so much more I am grateful for as well: I have good health (yes, even with stage 2 cancer, one can be healthy!), a wonderful home to live that allows me to kayak at will, and most of all, the most amazing friends and family anyone could have! It feels like way more than I deserve.

Today, in addition, I’m thankful for the messages of thanks I’ve received about CBD hemp oil and the positive changes it’s made in so many lives. Anyone who tries it has good results, and they can’t wait to tell their friends. Since many people want to discuss CBD hemp oil before they try it, I’ve been allowed to talk with some wonderful people. Not only do I get to hear their stories, I have something to offer them to make their lives better, help them create lives worth living. From my personal experience, trying to accomplish something when I am in pain – physical and psychological – is an exhausting challenge. That I have something to offer people that is so easy and relatively inexpensive to use to help overcome that is a miracle to me.

Thank you, also, for your faith in me. Many of the people who call me don’t know me, yet they trust me with their stories and their wellbeing. It is a great honor. One woman in particular purchased CBD hemp oil for chronic pain. She wanted to try whole hemp oil but since she did almost no drugs, she was worried about what would happen. I suggested she call me when she was ready to take it. When she did, I walked her through using it. “I am here if you want to discuss how you feel or any weird effects you are having.” She promised to call me if she did. That was in the evening. No call that night. No call the next morning. Finally, I called to make sure she was alive! “Yes,” she said. “I’m just able to do everything I want so I didn’t think about you!” Perfect. That’s the result I want.

Please let me know how I can help you have a better life. Have a wonderful day!

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