One of my goals is to be more organized about my writing, I say as I sit here in my apron (yes, I use an apron. I am a slob!) in the middle of answering a business email. What’s on my heart today is adversity and the pattern of events in our lives. Anyone who knows me or has read this knows that I am in the process of healing bone marrow cancer. I feel good about the prognosis. This is how that happened:

In the 1950s, things were a lot different from today. Computers were not used generally, let alone able to fit into a pocket. We had our hair washed in the kitchen sink so my mom could slide our little bodies under the faucet at will – her will. She let us know that we had to endure getting our hair washed. Oh, believe me, I was the kid that tried to talk her out of it. I ran, I hid, but I always ended up under that damn faucet singing “Mary Had a Little Lamb.” Now, YOU might think that MHaLL had nothing to do with getting your hair washed, but when we hit a rough patch (i.e., being legally drowned by our beloved mother under the kitchen faucet), my mother would make us sing with her. She had a beautiful, rich alto voice. Our little voices would chime in with hers until the dreaded drowning was over.

Eighteen years later, I had a pretty bad experience. I made sure that I distracted myself until I was safe because my mom had showed me that no matter how bad things are, they will be okay in the end. That water faucet is going to turn off, and my hair is going to be clean until the next time. I had a few days to pray and think of new reasons why my hair was still clean and didn’t need to be washed.

But she saved me. Think of everything that you have been through. Yes, it gets harder as we get older because we are exposed to so much more, our lives are bigger so our woes increase accordingly. But our coping skills improve – and our song repetoire expands. Cancer isn’t the worst thing I’ve been through; it’s just the hardest for the people I love because of all the stuff I’ve been through, it’s the most socially acceptable. I get so much love, support, food, it’s humbling to me that that many people would go out of their way for me (well, not my best friends: we have the goods on each other…hehehe).

I’m not close to dying, but if I had to go now, I would be just fine.

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