Day 4 – In the Middle

All of the news that is telling us that we are being chemoed to death is amazing! For me, there was a lot of social stigma around my diagnosis. I thought people would judge me because I had it. I had been socialized to believe that if I was cheerful, positive, and didn’t have and/or suppress anger, I would never get cancer. What a load of manure!

This is what I am learning: More people are getting cancer every day. More options for treatment that are just as effective, if not more, than chemo. Chemotherapy actually takes people to the edge of death and then drags them back to life – hopefully. Now we see on CNN that Canada’s cancer treatment is less expensive and has a better survival rate than ours.

Just this week it was announced that 70% – seventy percent!! – of women with breast cancer don’t need chemo. There is now a test that can determine the genetic marker to know what kind of breast cancer it is. (Please don’t hold me to the scientific terms. You can get that from the actual article¬† I am merely a survivor).

I’ve spent my life being afraid of cancer. When people see my bald head, many of them give me the head tilt and sympathy look. But I don’t think cancer is as scary as it once was. And from my experience, medical science doesn’t have all the answers – or even the right ones!

Still feeling energetic and focused. I only took one Tylenol today. The supplements I’m taking to support my body to bring it back from chemo and allow it to heal the cancer are working: All of my blood tests came back perfectly normal – right smack dab in the middle of the range of normal. I’m so happy some part of me is!

End of Day 1 CBD Only

My best friend falls asleep when she takes cbd. It energizes me. I don’t know if it’s our age difference (I am 8 years older) or metabolism. I read that practitioners are now giving cbd oil to seniors (I am 66) to help with memory. When I take the oil, I’m so focused and get tons done. After 8 hours, I need a nap. Then more cbd oil, and I’m off and running.

Pain mitigation is so-so, but I’ve only taken it without any supplements for one day.

Update tomorrow. I have some research to do.

Rock Star!

This bald woman is rocking it at the grocery store! Really. I had men follow me up and down the aisles to talk to me. I might have to get a wig just so I can get in and out of the grocery store more quickly! But for the first time since I lost my hair, a man asked me if it was genetic or choice. It felt so good! Two of the men wanted to tell me about their family members experiences, and the others were just outright flirting. Sigh. I enjoyed myself immensely.

When I was little, I hated going to the grocery store with my mother. She took forever! I can still see her reaching for bacon in the refrigerated case, and fifteen minutes later she finished her conversation with the other person reaching for the same brand of bacon. My mother was pretty, charming, and vivacious. She used her power to make people feel included. The only perk involved in going to the grocery store with my mother – I sure wasn’t getting a treat – was that I got to see who was going to show up at dinner that night.

My mother ran our home like the Salvation Army. She invited neighbors, friends, and we would sit around our huge dining room table, six kids, my parents, and the people she had snatched up from the street or the store. She wasn’t really a great cook, but she knew a lonely person when she saw one, and I’m sure being included made the food taste better. Then again, I don’t remember a lot of repeat guests…

And now I am my mother, especially with this shiny bald head. When I had blonde hair, I started conversations with people. Rarely was I approached. Oh, maybe I’ve turned the world into my mother! Gasp! But the support and love I have received has made me reach out to others more, and being bald is a great conversation starting. So is having cancer. There is a whole subculture of people, most notably women because in our culture it’s more normal to be bald as a man, who are bald due to chemo. One of my friends even brought me a tube of some stuff that is supposed to help hair grow back. I’ve used it only once, mostly because you have to leave it on your head for three minutes. Holding still is not my strong suit.

Don’t be afraid to be different, my cheeky little monkeys! That’s where the sweet stuff lies. And use your difference to make others feel happy and included. It’s the way to a rich life.



Thank you to the people who are sharing their experience with cbd oil! It is so helpful. My hope is that we will continue to do so. CBD oil is still pretty new to my life. Since I’ve been telling people about my trying it, some of them are trying it as well – and I’m finding more and more people who are using it. Many of them are my clients who have become my friends. Since I helped them buy their homes (I’m a realtor), I know where they live. We’ll be hearing from them soon! Hehehe…

My second full day with cbd was pretty good. I only had to take one aspirin (down from four). I’m still taking the supplements my practitioner gave me as well. I find myself so much more productive it is unbelievable to me!

If you are using cbd, where are you buying it? What went into your decision about your choice of cbd oil as well as your choice of vendors?

Day 1 of CBD Oil

Yesterday was the first full day of CBD oil. It arrived in a plastic syringe with the instructions to use it twice a day. I was to put a dab about the size of a rice kernel under my tongue and let it sit for 90 seconds. The only drawback to this is that the oil has to be refridgerated between uses; then allowed to come to room temperature before use. Since I’m a realtor, I don’t always know my schedule. That means if I want to take the oil at the same time every day, I have to plan.

It tasted like sucking on a piece of grass and a little bitter. The aftertaste was gone in a few minutes. I found for the first few hours after taking it, I was focused and energetic – very productive. For me, since I am maintaining a full schedule, that is paradise! I read that they are now using CBD oil in the ‘older population’ to enhance memory, and I found that to be true. This is the opposite of when I was in my twenties and smoking marijuana. Sometimes, depending on the quality of the drug, it was hard to complete a sentence or have the ending be about the same topic as the beginning. Now that I am older, I will be forced to drink to forget. I don’t know if it’s better to do the oil on an empty or full stomach, but I suspect that it’s like your first morning coffee: better do it before you eat so nothing inhibits the caffeine absorption. With me, coffee is the difference between, “I’ll cut you if you look at me!” and, “Aren’t you lovely?!” I will try the oil both ways and report back, but it seems like I am taking so little! Maybe one day this weekend I will double the dose to see what it’s like.

My best friend tried it. Let me first say that the woman has an incredibly stressful life right now. She’s trying to raise a young relative, another person is getting married, she works full time, and holds herself to a higher standard than just about anyone I know. Oh, and she tried to employ a relative to help her out. Crazy, right? The major difference between us is that she has a high filter. Everyone loves her, partly because she is always diplomatic. She might dream of cutting you, but it will come out flowers and hearts. I’m more of an acquired taste – I’ll be nice as long as you let me, but if you make it too difficult, I don’t hold stuff in like she does. I am convinced that’s why I’m more relaxed. Don’t misunderstand, she’s badass but diplomatically so.

Okay, so fifteen minutes after she took it, she felt relaxed. She looked flushed but didn’t feel it. Then she took a ‘power nap’. She is convinced that the CBD oil made her tired. I maintain that it’s been so long since she was relaxed that her body didn’t know how to act and took a time out. She is going to wait to take it again, since her doctor wants her to stop all anti-inflammatories (that is what CBD oil is purported to do) until she has some blood tests next week; then she will start again.

If anyone reading this has any experience with CBD oil consumption, please post it! Part of my plan for this blog is to interview people for their experience with it. Bob, are you listening?


Today one of my friends and I started using CBD oil. I got it because even though my treatment with my medical intuitive John is extremely helpful, I’ve had pain start again. He encouraged me to try it.

Back in The Day, I did my fair share of marijuana. I’m waiting for medical marijuana to be legalized. I plan to sell cbd oil and then marijuana as soon as I can. But I won’t sell anything I haven’t tried or am not in the process of trying. It’s hard to know what’s good, what’s reputable, and back when I was using illegally, it was still pretty new to general distribution and still pretty pure. Nowadays I feel less trust.

The instructions said to put a piece the size of a kernel of rice under the tongue. It tasted slightly bitter, like I had gotten an escapee from a Tetley tea bag. The good thing about under your tongue is that it is fast acting. Within fifteen minutes, my friend reported feeling calmer. She is under extreme family stress right now and says wine gives her a headache. (I said a quick prayer of gratitude: I have no such problem!).

The aftertaste was a bit like the aftertaste of a honeysuckle flower, a little fruity and green.

The internet makes lots of claims about cbd oil. Here is one link. There are many others.

If one of them is true, I’m happy. Have you had any experience with cbd oil? What happened?