Let’s talk about how much and what CBD hemp oil to use to relieve whatever ails you. I have a wonderful friend who has a bad back. At my suggestion, he tried the Proprietary Gold Hemp Extract 24-27%. When I first started using whole hemp oil for the discomfort and anxiety I experienced with bone marrow cancer, the Gold set me free! I felt that ‘ah’ moment when the pain and oppressed feeling lifted, and I could focus on my life.

My friend, however, even though he felt relief from his bad back, didn’t like the taste. “It tastes like cut grass!” Yes, it does. He loves the gummies but doesn’t get the relief he did with the extract, just a little lift. I told him that using gummies instead of extract was like taking a knife to a gun fight: You’re probably not going to win.

When you have something big going on like a hurt body or an ailing psyche, it takes some milligrams of CBD hemp oil to help alleviate that. The New York Times in their October 28, 2018 issue interviewed (among others) Dr. Esther Blessing. She is an assistant professor at New York University of Medicine. Dr. Blessing is coordinating a study of CBD hemp oil as a treatment for post traumatic stress disorder. According to the good doctor, “In order to treat anxiety, we know you need around 300 milligrams [of CBD hemp oil].”

Hence my suggestion that my dear friend try some serious extract instead of just some gummies or chocolate. Don’t get me wrong: You need a little boost, nothing like a little sugar mixed with come CBD. If you want to do something more serious, it would probably be more beneficial to take something that will allow a higher dosage and availability of CBD hemp oil. A nice extract, some drops, a vape, a suppository will accomplish that.

As always, it’s important to experiment. Everyone’s body chemistry is unique. And even when you go to the doctor, doesn’t s/he say of the prescribed drug, “Let’s try this to see what happens.”

You might not like the taste. I don’t pretend that I do. Right after my CBD hemp oil countdown is over (90 seconds counted sloooowly), I find the taste of hot coffee washes the CBD taste away in one or two swallows. Please also remember that you willingly ate dirt and worms as a kid, and the effect wasn’t nearly as nice.

United Front

As the healing of my bone marrow cancer has progressed, I’ve hit a few rought patches like the one I’m in now. Pain makes me really cranky, and I’m not a grin and bear it person. Bone pain nags, doesn’t it? To manage this difficult phase, I’m using a 40 mg patch of CBD oil by Proprietary as well as Proprietary Gold Extract. (I’m still working my way through every form of CBD but pet care!). It took a few days, so I took aspirin, something I try to avoid because aspirin gives me a stomach ache.

Then suddenly, the ‘ahhh’ hit, and I no longer need the aspirin. I only need the extract intermittently. The patch is good for 96 hours, stays on through the shower, kayaking, clothing, and general life. I use the extract after I do something more rigorous or if I feel that blah feeling. The extract really helps me with focus and energy.

At last MRI 3 months ago, I still had stage 2 bone marrow cancer. The alternative treatment I was undergoing had prevented it from spreading, but it didn’t knock it back as I had hoped. Now I’m undergoing something else for 6 months. I don’t mind the effort: today I read that some of the chemicals in chemotherapy can cause a secondary cancer that can’t be treated. At least I don’t have to worry about that anymore.

Several great things have come from having cancer, one of which is that I trust myself so much more! Now I am able to seek out new kinds of treatment that put me in more control of my health. Sitting there letting someone drip chemicals into my body just isn’t for me. So, I guess, Control Freaks Unite! There are better days on the horizon as we make CBD oil more available to everyone!